dungarees with a black background and whimsical woodland design repeated, it includes a fox, a badge,  mushrooms and plants

Woodland Unisex dungarees.

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Organic dungarees also called overalls or rompers!

☆They are made from a soft cotton lycra fabric with a woodland print.

☆The background colour is a black with a fox, badger, mushroom print.
The cuffs, straps and half lining are plain black.

☆This design is in-between the loose harem cut and the slimcut style, perfect for cloth nappy users.

☆The bottom of the leg is finished with a cuff, the shoulder straps do up with snaps/poppas

☆Items are made to order.

☆Select your required size from the drop down menu.

☆If you'd like a different colour lining/cuff please just message me.