About me


My name is Liz I make Dark Star Designs clothing in my studio behind our cottage in Cornwall.

I love hunting out different fabrics and have run out of shelf space, slight fabric addiction issue!

organic black and rainbow striped dungarees I started sewing as a child then as a teen I made my own goth style clothes cobbled together from factory shop offcuts and charity shop finds, I came back to it when my children were born to make them some alternative clothes, the mainstream options back then just weren't for me.
I needed to think of a job I could do around them and so Dark Star Baby began and I would sew while they slept on my back in a sling. That evolved into Dark Star Designs as I made for adults and older children. 
I've gone from sewing on the dining room table to building a studio to house the many miles of fabrics and all the machines and this is where I work making your clothes today.